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Project Background

Together with Google Cloud we have created something revolutionary!

Have you ever lost your pet in big crouded city?

Stepwise has great solution for finding lost animals!Petwise application – using Google Products in the field of AI and Deep Learning (Vision) to find missing animals


Application: Flutter (write flutter in dart)
Backend: MVP Spring boot, Spring Data JPA, Postgresql, flyway, Docker, Docker-Compose
AI: Google Cloud, Google Vision

Main Features

GPS map with the marking of the area where the animal was lost
animal profile (name, size, weight, color, breed, etc.)
viewing reported animals on the map (if users would like to search for such an area)

Reporting a found pet:

  1. Click on the “report” button;
  2. Take a picture of the animal;
  3. Processing the photo (the application sends the photo to AI and waits for it to be processed);
  4. The user gets the answer what was found in the photo (e.g. dog breeds: foxhound, beagle, basset – the user can add his own breed, colors will also be visible in the case of mongrels);
  5. The user confirms (he can mark whether he took the dog in or just saw it) and sends a request;
  6. The application informs that processing has started and ensures that as soon as a match is found, it will send a notification;
  7. In the case of a match, the applicant contacts the finder and gets the “Your dog may have been found” screen.

Ideas for the future:

Expanding the dog’s profile – you can scan the entire user’s gallery for photos of a given animal and automatically take them, log walks, search for other dogs for joint walks based on the breed.

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