Tech Audits for Startup Accelerator & VC

  • Huge Thing
  • Fintech
  • Poland
  • January 2019

Project Background

Huge Thing is a Polish startup accelerator and Venture Capital working with young companies from all over Europe. They support founders in their journey to become smart entrepreneurs able to build strong and capable teams. Their goal is to give them the tools and knowledge necessary to build a successful business.

Main Challenge

Huge Thing observed that early-stage companies frequently struggle with technology including architecture, technical debt, and security loopholes. Stepwise was asked to help the most promising startups with those challenges. We were hired as tech experts familiar with Fintech solutions.

Our Approach

We began our work by organizing workshops sessions with selected by Huge Thing startups. Each company could choose an area that required an urgent tech audit that impacted directly their business model or simply could potentially cause problems (architecture, security, technical debt).

Stepwise delegated two software architects experienced in various IT areas (backend, frontend, cloud, security) and one business resource who could relate to non-technical entrepreneurs and founders. The idea was that the tech people would communicate with their counterparts on the startup side and Stepwise’s business strategist would discuss any important decisions with the business reps. This ensured everyone had a common level of understanding.

Final Outcome

Thanks to our business-oriented approach and expertise in the Fintech sector we were able to create added value for each startup. We paid a lot of attention to ensuring that business owners understand the relationship between the technical side and the monetization of their products. The audit also had the task of preparing businesses to scale solutions in the future.

Each audit ended with a report and recommendations addressed to both: individual companies and Huge Thing, the VC responsible for the development of these young companies.

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