Stepwise – Internal project

  • Holiday App: system for holiday planning
  • Software Houses/any sector with HR management
  • Poland
  • January-June 2021

Holiday App Benefits

  • Easier holiday planning: easy registration of holiday leave, notifications sent to those interested, availability for anyone, to allow verifying who is off work and when;
  • Notifications;
  • Flutter for Web use case – as an internal training in using Flutter for Web technologies;

Project Background

The Board and employees of any company require tools for the effective management of organisational issues. This is also the case at Stepwise. We have thoroughly analysed which solutions our organisation lacks. 

One problem appeared every year during the holiday period. Everyone was taking holidays and needed time off. Our company is continuously growing and taking on new staff, which is why it became necessary to introduce a synchronised holiday plan for all our employees, all without disturbing our customer project time schedules. This motivated us to develop our own software for supporting organising holidays in our company. 

Our R&D department began working on an application that would complement our software house operations. We also wanted to create this software with a strong potential for use in other organisations.

Main Challenge

We wished to provide an easy-to-use system for holiday planning.

We wished to solve a specific organisational issue and find out any difficulties that could occur in this innovative and not thoroughly explored area of Flutter (for web) technology.

Our Approach & Final Outcome

Our R&D department dealt with identifying and testing new technologies. These specialists initiated the plan for developing this application using Flutter for web technology. 

We wanted to create this application in the easiest way possible. We used Firebase as a backend and Google OAuth services. One of the main issues was the fact that Flutter for web is a really new technology, and despite the fact that it is growing very fast, it still has some downsides.


This project has resulted in an efficient and effective application for holiday planning and management in organisations. We initially developed it for our own purposes, but it can also be applied in a variety of sectors.

The remaining assumptions of the project were also achieved.

While creating this application, we gained new experience and developed better project practices. Solving issues related to an unproven technology on a current basis allowed our IT specialists to prepare efficient preventive measures. Using the methods we learned the hard way, we are able to provide Stepwise customers with premium quality software.   

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