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Digital Platform for capital raise and investors attraction

  • Data-driven investor marketing firm
  • Digital Marketing
  • Canada
  • 03.2020 - ongoing

Project Background

Our Client – marketing investor company which helps startups to find investors and/or gain more exposure by beginning programs.
Previously, all of this was done offline. Therefore, Client asked us to make their services digital. In other words: help them with their digital transition.

Main Challenge

From a business perspective the main challenge was to ensure the user an easy and fluent experience with the app while they start one of the 5 marketing programs. The UX Design phase was crucial here and due to the Time To Market factor it had to be carried out in parallel to the software development process. So it was crucial to work in an agile methodology and constantly work with the backlog to deliver maximum business value as quickly as possible with limited resources.

In addition, what the customer also wanted was the automation of some processes from the administrative side, so that the customer could redirect their most valuable employees to strategic activities and creating added value from the business point of view.

Our approach

The product is a model example of how Stepwise works with the client in the MVP phase. The client came to us with a well-defined vision of the product and business knowledge. Stepwise approached the project comprehensively, i.e. in addition to the team of engineers and designer, we proposed an appropriate approach to the software development process, chose the appropriate infrastructure and technology, communication method, best practices regarding work management, and advised on the choice of payment method on the platform.

At start, UX Design key phase was done by first having meetings with the client to find out the goal and problems, by doing much research, making user flows, many iterations and meeting with the client and stakeholders. Also, later the product got tested by real life users.

Final Outcome

After 5 months of designing and developing, the client received the desired product. The result of our work was more than just an MVP, because the product was ready for monetization. The end users are able to test the platform, or go through the full business process. They can begin a program to reach more investors or gain more exposure.

Also, this application makes it possible that the Client’s employees have to spend way less time on administration and guiding the client. Instead, the software takes care of that. Client is actively working on a long term product development roadmap while operating with its first Clients and potential Investors.

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