What is the most important in software development? – practical tips from Stepwise clients

cover photo: What is the most important in software development? – practical tips from Stepwise clients

Software development process consists so many stages, consumes time and money, involves many IT specialists and in many cases requires a specific set of skills. You may have heard a lot of opinions about, what is the most important in software development. Of course, on our blog, you’ll find our thoughts in this matter as well. However, this time we want to share with you the point of Stepwise clients’ view. Check out their advice and find out, which aspects of software outsourcing are the most important for people just like you.

We ask entrepreneurs and managers from various companies, what was the most important for them in every stage of the software development process. Starting from the research stage, to the actual project tasks and problems that arise during the project. The most significant opinions you’ll find below.

We strongly believe, that awareness of what is the most important in software development process is critical to your IT project success.

Find out what is the most important in software development from our client’s point of view:

  1. Is Poland really the best place to outsource IT services
  2. How Polish software houses fares compared to companies from other countries
  3. How to look for information about (not only) Polish software houses
  4. What is the best way to choose a programming company suited for your business
  5. How to cope with problems and effectively manage project risk
  6. What are the 3 key factors of quality cooperation with software house
  7. What software house should do, to deal with problems during IT project

1. Where did the idea for outsourcing software from Poland come from?

Outsourcing is the way of filling the competence gap in your own company.

Most of the Stepwise customers look for partnership based on trust and practical knowledge. We are working with companies all over the world. We speak and create in English – this is crucial for the effective development of digital products. Our customers appreciate it.

Poland is well known as a country with great IT specialists. Our partners can count on not only typical programming work, but also reliable consulting with a high level of expertise.

When we ask our clients, why they choose Poland for outsourcing, and what was so unique in Stepwise, they answered, the main thing was a great understanding of their needs, business structure, and great technical skills.

Practical tip from:
Ole / Senior Product & Technology Manager @ Step Innovation Hub / Hypoport SE

In the last 7 years I have worked with Polish agencies on multiple occasions. What I have learned is that the Polish software agency market is pretty mature and experienced. The Polish software agency market has been worked with international companies for over two decades, has a high supply of well educated and experienced engineers and an active agency landscape that is extremely focused on continuous optimization of remote team work, product development processes and recruitment funnels. With Stepwise we have found a partner that is highly reliable and eager to grow with us.

2. Have you used such services in other countries before?

Usually, our partners have extensive experience working with many development teams from around the world. They’re looking for specialists with great experience, knowledge and efficient way of communication and working. Several of them mentioned a cultural gap in cooperation with companies from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

Of course, to a certain extent Polish culture is different from the cultures of other European countries. But we and our partners believe, this difference only enriches the synergy in projects.

Practical tip from:
Morten/ Telecom industry/ Norway

We have worked with programmers from Ukraine, India, China and many other countries.
For Norwegian companies the most important aspects of outsourcing IT services are:
1. Nearshoring and offshoring,
2. Same time zone (we have to work together, so time is significant)
People create success (we need specific skill set but also honest and reliable partners) 

For Norwegians, it’s important to cooperate with vendors, who understand our nature. Programmers from Poland think logically, do great work and ask about details, we forget about. We appreciate this way of thinking.

Price isn’t so crucial, when you’re looking for good quality software development. 

3. How did you look for information about Polish software houses? 

Polish nearshoring is extremely popular in many countries. A lot of our clients already worked with Polish teams, and had good experiences from such collaboration.

For many of our clients it is crucial to find a partner with specific set of skills. Frequently, they simply use Google to find a couple of companies to compare. 

Even when the first contact comes from Stepwise, the addressee can easily check information about us on the Internet. Sometimes, just a glimpse on the website is enough to determine if there is the right vibe between the businesses.

Practical tip from:
Anh/ Mondeca/ France

The first contact with Stepwise had actually been established 1 year before, with Krzysztof getting in touch by email through LinkedIn. 

With the new project, we looked for mostly European contractors within a certain price range, not too small but not too large either, and with knowledge of the frontend development language Google Web Toolkit. We searched for contractors on the Internet, and also looked into old contacts, and got in touch with Stepwise again.

4. What made you choose Stepwise?

When we ask this question, we’ve heard a lot of very flattering words. Our clients choose us thanks to several basic factors, but the most frequently heard argument was great communication with Stepwise team, cooperation built on trust, specialists with outstanding technical skills and necessary IT skill set.

Practical tip from:
Anh/ Mondeca/ France

We asked the candidates to explain, how they would approach working on our project, and do a presentation of that approach.

We ranked Stepwise first for the preparedness and depth of the presentation, which actually rightfully challenged the way Mondeca had planned to approach the project. Other aspects of our choice were the strong expertise shown in the CVs, also demonstrated during discussions; clients reviews from Clutch and of course price rates.

5. Have you encountered any difficulties related to communication with the Polish team? Have you felt any communication or cultural barrier?

Where there are many outstanding specialists, there can always be some friction. We are all the more pleased our clients rate us so highly for communication. Business English knowledge is a necessary condition for each one of our employees at Stepwise. We also speak French, if needed.

Communication with Stepwise is always quick, clear and polite.

Practical tip from:
Ole / Senior Product & Technology Manager @ Step Innovation Hub / Hypoport SE

A high level of efficiency and effectivity in communication is crucial to a successful product development organization. With Stepwise this is a given. The teams are able to communicate in English pretty well and much more important the teams are experienced in the success factors and best practices of good communication with product owners and other stakeholders.

Cultural differences between Germany and Poland are for me something that adds value to the product organization. I am a huge fan of diverse teams in general so this feels natural to me.

I particular like that Polish people have a great sense of humor.

6. If you were to list the 3 key factors that are the most important from your perspective in cooperation with a software house, what would it be?

There are many factors that affect the quality of cooperation with the software house. We surveyed very reliable companies. Most often they mentioned product itself, security, reliable support, technical knowledge, availability and a fair price. Some of our clients distinguished the people themselves and the proper team management as well.

Practical tip from:
Morten/ Telecom industry/ Norway

3 key factors that are the most important in cooperation with a software house:

1. Product itself (Getting something, what’s working with all ordered functionalities)

2. Security (Consideration of specific rules for each country or industry)

3. Support and communication (Satisfactory customer care)

7. Did you encounter any problems during cooperation and were they solved according to your wishes?

There are always problems, but right risk management in project can solve most of them very quickly. We are always open for changes. Thanks to this approach our partners very often decide to cooperate with Stepwise in a long term and come back with new projects.

Practical tip from:
Anh/ Mondeca/ France

Some conflicts happened, mostly related to differences in the approach to project management. We had to adjust to each other and I believe it helped us to improve working in highly collaborative environments. 

Another “problem” was when we realised the resource working on a specific subject was not experienced enough for its complexity and importance. Stepwise understood that and found more experience resources to help us on the project.

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