Flutter web and mobile, i.e. how to make several versions of applications at the same time

cover picture: Flutter web and mobile - few versions of apps at the same time

Flutter has turned out to be a successful and perfect technology for developing mobile applications that are able to run on a variety of operating systems. Mobile projects developed within this Google framework are often considerably cheaper than the traditional method of building applications in two different programming languages. Web application development is a relatively new functionality of Flutter. Now, companies can simultaneously create mobile and web applications. Like all innovative business technologies, Flutter should help companies expand. Stepwise describes how to make several versions of applications at the same time to achieve all established business goals.

What is Flutter and what is it used for?

Flutter is a cross-platform Google framework for creating mobile, desktop and web applications. It is used to create one codebase that is compiled natively for the specific operating systems that the software is intended to work on. After creating the base application, Flutter compiles Dart code for the specific language of the native software.

We develop just one project, and ultimately you get several applications with different interfaces (in UI and UX) adapted to suit the device and system of the end user. Why? Because users are accustomed to a specific design and operation of programmes on their devices. The goal is to meet the expectations of potential users regardless of the conditions by which they use their digital products.  

At Stepwise we put great emphasis on high code quality. Our products must work efficiently in any version that a customer needs. Flutter has already launched a stable version of functionality for web application development. This is very innovative, reliable and unique niche technology. It is consistently being developed by a team of Google professionals and is being supported by an increasing number of IT specialists. The growing circle of enthusiasts of this technology means even more open source solutions that can considerably accelerate project completion and optimise the costs of digital product development.

When developing a big and complex application for smartphones, tablets and web browsers, with Flutter you can generate a nearly perfect version for all these devices. Of course, as is the case with any technology, the community has noticed some issues with the web application development. We will bear these in mind, but as you will see, our overview of the pluses and minuses is definitely favouring Flutter.

Issues with Flutter web applications 

1. Was Flutter designed for only mobile devices?

With Flutter it is relatively easy to create mobile applications for Android and iOS. Obviously there are significant differences between these two systems, but they are incomparably smaller than the differences in web application development. 

From the outset, most Flutter solutions were adapted from accepted technologies intended for mobile devices. However, when creating a web application you have to be prepared to build some processes manually, from the ground up. This complicates the development of the base code. Of course, experienced software houses such as Stepwise have proven methods to handle this issue effectively.

2. Technical deficiencies of web applications? 

Flutter web is relatively new and is constantly developing functionality. There may be some concerns regarding efficiency and adaptation of compiled web applications to SEO and accessibility, particularly when we compare Flutter web applications with traditional software developed e.g. with React. The team of developers working on this technology consistently launches new system updates. In this way, developed web and mobile software meets higher and higher standards of accessibility and SEO. 

3. Lengthy web application development with Flutter?

The duration of project completion is largely influenced by the available tools. With every update, the Flutter developer experience is better. Work-enhancing tools are constantly being developed, the community centred around this technology is growing dynamically, and the number of open source solutions is growing.

Stepwise developers have been exploring the potential of this framework for a long time. A large number of projects have proven that time spent on web application creation with Flutter is very satisfying. We will advise you on how to build web and mobile applications with Flutter that work and look perfect, and will guarantee a relatively short time-to-market for your product. Just contact us.

Stepwise is intensively following the trend of web application creation with Flutter. It is definitely worth knowing and observing this technology. Is it always worth using it? A lot of that depends on your individual needs. Before we recommend this framework to you or our customers, we thoroughly explore the specific needs of a given business. We check whether there are other technologies on the market that meet your requirements. Then, we present the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions in detail. You can then make your own decision on which is best for the development of your venture. 

When does Flutter work well in web application creation? 

Flutter is a perfect solution when you already have a mobile application and as part of your PoC you want to check e.g. how the application will look like in a web version. Flutter web also works well when you want to create an uncomplicated software demo. Cross-platform IT projects developed with Flutter already exist on the market.

Stepwise has had the opportunity to create for a customer a multi-platform application for users working in smart buildings. Along with the many useful functions, the software searches for conference rooms and hot desks, and navigates to their location. It also displays info about noise intensity, room temperature, and serves as an access card. Of course, this is not all, but it pictures potential possibilities of your application developed with Flutter.  

There are hordes of solutions on the market that can help you achieve success. If a particular technology is not suitable for your project or there is a better solution on the market, Stepwise will show you these available options. In this way, you get an efficient application and maintain the preferred time-to-market of your digital product.

Our team of front-end developers is able to produce web applications quickly and effectively using a variety of technical solutions – check it here! Let’s talk! – we will tell you how to build and develop a mobile or web application efficiently.

What is the future of web and mobile application development with Flutter? 

Flutter web and mobile technology has progressed very dynamically and has gained extreme popularity in recent years. Developers and business representatives want to use this technology for mobile application development. Flutter is a fresh solution and we can just envisage the future of this project. 

Flutter is developed by a team of outstanding specialists. Their involvement and willingness to help users of this technology are obvious. Flutter is growing in popularity, the framework itself is developing steadily, and there are strong indications that this trend is going to be maintained. In the case of a simultaneous creation of an application for mobile, desktop and web devices, it is now too early to compare Flutter with other tools, such as React, Angular and Vue. 

The Flutter team claims that this will be a universal framework in the future, used to create applications for any system and device. If that happens, and the possibilities for web application development will expand similarly to the mobile solution, then this will certainly be one of the most competitive and versatile tools on the market.  

The user experience also works to Flutter’s advantage, being easy to learn and very intuitive in use. This is a perfect solution for mobile and desktop applications, and as such, software houses aware of the market and optimum use of available technologies will turn to Flutter for such projects.

Flutter web is a great solution that makes application development pleasurable. This framework is just getting started, but if you want to prepare a PoC or maximally reduce the costs of IT projects, this technology can be extremely useful. Flutter remains one of the best technologies for mobile application development.

cover picture: Flutter web and mobile - few versions of apps at the same time

Why choose Flutter for mobile and web applications? 

In the past, when you wanted to develop an application that would operate well on all smartphones (both on iOS and Android), two projects in different languages were necessary. Before Flutter, there were frameworks that allowed completing both projects simultaneously (e.g. Ionic, Xamarin, React Native). How does Flutter differ from them if it offers similar functionalities?   

React Native compiles the code and by means of bridges connects the application with native elements of Android or iOS. Flutter is compiled directly into native code, which makes it significantly more efficient. Dart – the language used in Flutter – is easy to learn and use. The community centred around this technology is growing, as is the so-called developer experience. When companies such as BMW, Alibaba Group, Tencent and Google start a new project for a mobile application, they willingly choose Flutter. 

Flutter means:

  • An increasing number of ready open source solutions
  • A growing community
  • High application performance
  • Friendly interface and beautiful design
  • Excellently prepared documentation

Benefits for business: 

1. One codebase – one team – one project. This means that the development of an IT project can be considerably more dynamic and easier to manage.

2. Statically typed programming language. Dart ensures a safe digital product development and more controlled testing conditions. The Hot Reload function allows you to quickly correct errors during the process of code writing, before the testing phases.

3. The code is created in an easy and excellently documented manner. Mobile software is easy to develop, even in the case of staff changes in the project. There is a very low risk that this technology will lose technical support.

4. A growing community around the language allows using a lot of ready and free of charge open source solutions. 

5. One project team and the intuitive framework translate into a shorter time required to create several variants of a mobile application with Flutter. Only one codebase is needed to develop an application for two systems. You save half the time that you would have devoted to writing two separate code sources.

6. A low cost of preparing several versions of an application simultaneously. Using Flutter does not require additional specialists. Stepwise developers are competent and are able to use a lot of programming languages. This saves the number of team members and time necessary to complete the project.

Learn why businesses should develop mobile applications with Flutter.

Where is it worth creating several versions of web and mobile applications? 

Flutter is ideally suited for creating several variants of the same application for different mobile operating systems. New framework possibilities also allow developing web versions of the software. Like all innovative projects, Flutter web has both advantages and disadvantages, and being aware of them is extremely important for the success of every digital venture.

Cooperation with Stepwise is tantamount to receiving full support, analysis of all available solutions, and an offer uniquely tailored to your business needs. If you would like to use this niche and innovative form of web application development now, contact us. You will learn about all the opportunities and limitations related to this new solution, which will then allow you to choose the best development direction for your business. 

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