What value does each of the software development specialists at Stepwise provide?

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One of the most important factors determining the success of a digital project is an interdisciplinary team of IT specialists whose technical background, experience and comprehensive competences allow us to provide customers with exactly what they need. Find out which people can be part of such a team and what value each of the software development specialists at Stepwise provides.

Well-qualified employees have always been the core of Stepwise’s successes. The recruitment process in our company is demanding, but thanks to this, we can consistently deliver the best quality in each project. Each of our specialists brings something unique to the project, and the client receives a measurable added value to their product. Meet the members of the Stepwise team and find out what each of them offers you.

Software architect

Software architects are the first to contact the client, participate in workshops and try to understand the business. They are also the most desired, experienced and core employees of every software house. They take care of the complete implementation of projects. They research needs, design plans, manage and develop projects. They search for and propose specific technologies to best serve the achievement of business goals, not the other way around.

At Stepwise, we focus on client success. This group of IT specialists ensures that each business goal of the project is met technologically. Programming, apart from the technological functionality of the software, always treats the client’s business concept as a priority. The software architects at Stepwise are extremely experienced people who perfectly balance the energy of a young and dynamic team.

How does a software architect work?

Paweł: Building applications and systems can be a really complicated process. A software architect should be able to control chaos in the project to steer development in the right direction. My task is to communicate to the client in a rational way what is happening in the project in terms of technical aspects.

What sets Stepwise apart from the competition is the software architect’s involvement in the software development process. As one of the lead developers, I have a strong influence on software development and support the development team in solving problems.

At the beginning of the project, when there is always the most confusion, I make sure that the client’s needs are clearly defined and communicated to the team at Stepwise. Even before the programmers start building the code, I plan the project in detail. I provide consultations, collect information and delegate actions. Thanks to this, Stepwise knows what the customer needs, and each team member can focus on creating code for the specific needs of the business.

What value does the Stepwise software architect bring?

Paweł: A comprehensive technical knowledge is required of the Stepwise software architect. My role is to propose specific solutions to the client and the team. I am at the disposal of our business partners and, if necessary, I translate complex technological issues into human language.

A software engineer at Stepwise organizes all activities in the project. When a client comes to me with specific expectations, my task is to effectively identify the problem and take action to improve the current state, of course having the business assumptions of the project in mind. I believe that an architect should approach the client’s needs objectively and clearly present his needs to the team.

The architect’s role in Stepwise is to minimize the risk associated with gaps in the code and software errors. When there is no architect in a software house, all unwanted consequences only come out in practice, during the project or at the very end. Then making changes is much more difficult.

Software architect analyzes the client’s requirements (even those that the client does not know about yet), plans, organizes and coordinates the activities of the team in order to meet the needs of the client’s project. I am very often present at every stage of software development. I have constant contact with the client and I try to fairly present their needs to other team members. Fortunately, at Stepwise, this is not a big challenge, because each of our specialists perfectly understands the business and creates software with these needs in mind.

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Software engineer

Software engineers participate in all phases of the project. They are people with comprehensive backend, frontend, and mobile competences as well as great experts specialized in specific fields. The extensive experience of Stepwise specialists allows us to create advanced IT systems. Their tasks also include adapting the software to the client’s business needs. In addition to co-designing software, they also take care of proper product testing.

How does a software engineer work?

Michał: At the beginning, I will specify that a software engineer is a person who does not necessarily have an academic degree of engineer ;). It is more about a distinctive approach to problem solving. A software developer should always use facts, effectively use available resources and look at the entire project from a broad perspective. Before proposing specific solutions, they try to anticipate potential consequences. They do not follow intuition, but rather measurable methods of testing individual solutions. This logic of action determines a good software engineer, and this is the approach we use at Stepwise. This is a condition that must be met by every person we employ.

When a problem arises, as a software engineer, I research, analyze and observe it to precisely define its essence. Then I look for possible solutions and try to predict their consequences.

An experienced software engineer never relies solely on their knowledge. In my work, I use the extensive experience of other IT specialists at Stepwise, and I regularly check external sources of expertise. Thanks to this, I constantly increase my efficiency and can propose optimal technological solutions.

What value does the Stepwise software engineer bring?

Michał: At Stepwise, each of the specialists must know the needs of their clients and their business well. We create each solution in a broad context, taking into account specific customer requirements, current business environment conditions, available resources and technological infrastructure.

The software developer therefore defines the problem and, using their own expertise and external information sources, proposes and implements solutions tailored to the current project conditions and client’s needs.

When a client comes to me with a problem, we discuss together what exactly is wrong and what effects they expect. I always try to get as much information as possible at the source (expected effect, resources of time and money for work) to provide the optimal solution. If necessary, I use advanced tools to identify the cause of the problem in the system and measure the spectrum of the possible error.

A software engineer should have comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in order to select the best technologies and propose effective solutions to identified problems. The ability to search for information in external sources of knowledge and to use the knowledge of other members of the Stepwise team is also important here. Thanks to this, you use your time efficiently and there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

The Stepwise client not only gains a guarantee of a great product, but also a transparent view of our activities. After implementing the solutions in the system, I take care of the appropriate software tests and create documentation with a detailed description of the activities of our team.

Each software engineer at Stepwise tries to thoroughly understand the client’s business needs. In addition to specializing in programming, we develop a number of other competences, thanks to which we can create software dedicated to many different industries. A wide perspective of activities and extensive knowledge allow us to predict the potential effects of using specific functionalities and solutions, thanks to which the customer can avoid many mistakes and focus on the best direction of development of their product.

DevOps engineer

DevOps engineers are wizards of technological infrastructure and actions in cloud. They ensure efficient cooperation between application development teams and groups responsible for their management. These specialists have the necessary technical and substantive background to build a product with the overall perspective of the product. DevOps stands for development operations. These IT departments exist for a relatively short time, and there are still few experts who can boast extensive experience in this field. Stepwise has developed effective methods of implementing these solutions in the software development process.

How does a DevOps engineer work?

Rafał: In the past, administrators were responsible for infrastructure, providing virtual machines, or configuration in the CI/CD model (continuous integration, continuous delivery). Today microservices and building applications in a distributed environment have become fashionable, with an emphasis on scalability and constant access to technology. This solved a lot of problems, because instead of a monolith and adding permanent functionality, the system was divided into smaller parts, but with the possibility of easy scaling of digital projects. There are also new problems that DevOps is solving.

At Stepwise, we have worked for a long time on the most effective implementation of DevOps assumptions. It was not difficult, because as it turned out, most of our specialists have been using these solutions for a very long time. Today, the experience gained allows us to introduce this specific work culture for each IT specialist at Stepwise.

DevOps are certain practices that can be implemented in multiple positions in a project. At Stepwise, the developers (mainly backend developers) create the code and prepare the environment in which the system is assembled. For this we mainly use cloud services (mainly AWS and GCP), virtual machines (mainly Linux) and containerization (e.g. Kubernetes).

By creating an application, we are able to close it in the operating system, in a so-called container, which allows you to freely move this container between different systems. We can also describe the environment in which we implement the application using code and thus transfer it to any cloud service provided by most providers.

What value does the Stepwise DevOps engineer bring?

Rafał: The practical DevOps approach and the application of these practices in the project team allows our clients to save significantly, because there is no need to create an additional team of administrators.

Stepwise developers know best what it takes to run a specific application. What system to choose, what does the migration of system components look like, how to perform updates, tests and how to effectively implement software. We have comprehensive knowledge that allows us to very effectively create and manage the technological environment of the project.

Regardless of the experience of Stepwise customers, at the very beginning, we inform you about the need to implement solutions in the field of creating an appropriate technological infrastructure. We always educate our partners what DevOps is and how it works in Stepwise. We offer technological solutions best suited to the client’s needs.

Our clients can count on reliable support and advice in this area. Thanks to the DevOps solutions developed by us, we are able to offer the best solutions, tailored to the client’s business needs.

At Stepwise, every developer has competences that allow them to introduce the DevOps work culture into their activities. The client can save money, because instead of investing in an additional DevOps department immediately, they effectively use the competences of the entire team. We respect all resources of our partners, therefore we make the most of the knowledge and experience of our specialists. Thanks to this, our clients save not only on the number of people in the team, but also on the selection of optimal technologies for the product.

UX/UI designer

UX/UI designers serve one of the most important roles in software development for companies. They are outstanding specialists who care about providing clients with business value. UX/UI designers design the application interfaces in such a way as to meet the expectations of end users, and its use was intuitive and pleasant. UX designers at Stepwise combine a creative approach to software development with a typical business website and extensive technical facilities.

How does a UX designer work?

Magda: In projects implemented by Stepwise, UX designer comes at the beginning of cooperation with the client. Visual presentation and usability are some of the main factors that influence the success of a product. For this reason, I am present in almost every project to help if necessary, even if, in the initial assumptions, the client does not require such specialist.

As a UX designer, I have constant contact with the client. First, I need to carefully research their business needs. For this purpose, we discuss the partner’s expectations and analyze all data about the product. I work based on facts, therefore I use all available research, analysis, test results or interviews with potential users.

If necessary, I conduct workshops with the client that help to get to the bottom of each problem and precisely define the needs in the field of UX and UI. When I gather enough information and determine what actions should be taken to achieve the goals, I suggest tailored solutions.

In the software development process, I have constant contact with both my team and the client. After specifying the needs of our partner, I start with specific actions. I prepare a simple structure diagram and a visual description of the user interface, the so-called wireframe. This is raw information about the appearance and operation of the product, which allows you to test initial solutions.

Tests play an important role at the beginning of cooperation. They should be done at the beginning of work on the product. Perfect, when we have access to users already using the application. Otherwise, we can contact end users at the stage of implementing our solutions (e.g. based on solutions presented using wireframes). Testing the interface in the initial phase helps to eliminate the risk of creating an unsuitable product.

Once the customer accepts the wireframe, I create rich visualization of product interfaces. At about the same time, the people responsible for the software code (development) also start their work. When mockups are ready at the MVP stage and development is ongoing, we suggest testing. We place a strong emphasis on this aspect of the software development process, because only tests can confirm the correctness of the initial UX assumptions and the entire project.

When the MVP confirms the product’s development potential, the UX designer proposes further solutions for the final usefulness of the product. UX is equally important at every stage of the project and allows for the continuous development of the application in accordance with the current needs of the client and the current expectations of end users.

What value does the Stepwise UX designer bring?

Magda: UX designer deals with the identification of existing and potential problems in the product. The sooner these actions are taken, the better. This allows the client to save time and other resources that would have to be invested if these issues were to emerge late in the project or while using the application.

From the very beginning, I contact the client and together we discuss their needs and the effects they want to achieve. Then I propose specific solutions in the context of their capabilities and current business needs. I also support them in validating ideas. If there is such a need, I help identify the target group of the product.

It happens that the partner does not have all the necessary information and has not yet defined their needs. Then I advise how to use practical tools in these activities, such as the canvas methodology or personas, to clarify the vision of the target product as much as possible. We carry out all activities in terms of the real needs and capabilities of our clients.

As a UX designer at Stepwise, I have collaborated in many different projects. I have always appreciated, above all, good contact with the client. I work with people at various levels in the organization. Flexible methodology of operation allows me to easily adapt to the work style of a business partner, regardless of the position held.

At Stepwise, we want to provide the customer with maximum value in a product that will allow them to generate measurable profits. The best quality of services, efficient communication and taking care of every detail of effective cooperation are equally important to us.

Tester and QA engineer

Testers and QA engineers focus heavily on product testing and software test automation. In addition to testing, they also deal with the general measurement of the quality of changes in the system and the optimization of processes and the entire life cycle of a digital product. Their main goal is to provide the client with the best possible quality so that they are as satisfied as possible with the result of the software house’s actions.

How does a tester work?

Kamil: At Stepwise, we care about comprehensive software quality. We have great developers who make amazing apps. However, it is sometimes difficult for the author to spot the elements worth improving in one’s code, so a software tester who looks at the software with an objective eye is necessary. My duties are primarily:
Manual tests
The software development cycle in Stepwise is usually broken down into 2-week iterations (so-called sprints). During the development of the project, each iteration ends with an increase in the number of system functionalities. I regularly check the operation of the product. I make sure that the new solutions function in accordance with the business assumptions of the project and do not conflict with the previous ones.
Automated tests
Still not many companies offer this solution. Manual tests are effective, but take a long time. At Stepwise, we care about the optimal use of all our clients’ resources, which is why we automate all repetitive processes. When a new software version is released relatively frequently, test automation significantly speeds up project development.

What value does the Stepwise software tester bring?

Kamil: A software tester is a person who, apart from technical knowledge, should have highly developed interpersonal skills. Every day I contact not only the development team and product owner, but also the client. Together, we discuss the current condition of the product and discuss its current needs.

The software development process can be very complex. Seemingly trivial functionality may require a huge amount of work. A slight change in the assumptions can be technically complicated and affect the operation of the entire system. If necessary, I keep our clients informed about such issues and advise on how to optimally achieve the desired effect.

I believe that regular system testing gives me the greatest understanding of the practical use of all functionalities. I always try to look at the product through the eyes of the client and end user so that the final software meets all business assumptions.

In order to work effectively, I need to know exactly what the client needs at every stage of product development. I gather the necessary information and pass it on to the rest of the Stepwise team. When I discover an abnormality during testing, I notify my team immediately. Thanks to this, we make changes on an ongoing basis and correct any technical errors. As a result, the customer receives a proven and refined product.

Data engineers are versatile IT experts who are responsible for the processes of raw data collection and processing. They collect and evaluate the usefulness of new information sources and datasets in the project. Their task is to implement new solutions, optimize and automate the operation of a data-based system.

Product Owner

Product Owners are experienced specialists who are responsible for the product. They are the link between the client and the development team. They are able to control the most complicated software development processes. Product owners make sure that the project develops effectively and that the final product meets the expectations of the client, especially the business. They act as an intermediary between the business and the development team. The product owner controls the software development process, reacts on an ongoing basis, solves problems and drives project progress.

Stepwise clients can select a person from their company for this position. Since the Product Owner must have the entire range of necessary competences and extensive project experience, you can use the help of a specialist in our software house.

Product Owner Stepwise, together with the client, prepares the project backlog, i.e. a list of activities that must be performed to deliver the finished product. After breaking down tasks into smaller parts and assigning them to appropriate team members, they make sure that the project develops as planned.

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Our IT specialists, apart from rich experience and impressive technical background, have amazing interpersonal skills. This makes it a pleasure to communicate with every member of the Stepwise team. Our internal native speaker cares about the quality of English in the company, so that every employee can easily talk to a client from outside Poland and, if necessary, provide appropriate advice.

Everyone at Stepwise invests heavily in the constant development of their competences. Regular technological training or learning English under the supervision of an English native speaker are not enough. For a long time, we have been organizing regular Tech Tuesdays, i.e. workshops, where programmers discuss a specific topic, share knowledge and exchange the latest information from the market, inside our software house.

For our specialists, software development is more than just a job. It is a passion to which they also devote their private time, after hours in the office. Our programmers are active in communities focused on the latest technologies, share their knowledge on blogs and are eager to learn new things.

If you are looking for a dynamic team of IT specialists who are passionate about each project and, in addition to having exceptional technical competences, will be able to explain in a simple way to you what the software development process is, what is MVP and what is happening with your product, contact Stepwise .

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