Why Should You Move To The Cloud?

blog post cover why should you move to cloud

As Cloud Computing is gaining popularity, you might wonder “Why are all these companies making the switch?”. What’s so good about the cloud? Well, there are several benefits that will improve your workflow, cashflow, teams’ productivity and more. Here’s what you can gain if you decide to move to the cloud:

Cloud Advantages: Flexibility And Adaptability

Cloud gives you the ability to scale up and down as you go and quickly adjust to changes. Because of the pay-as-you-go model that most cloud providers use, you don’t need any additional steps to use more storage or process more data. This means that you can easily adapt to any changes in your budget as well as to the users’ demand.
What is more, Cloud offers a wide range of features that will help your team develop and implement solutions much easier and quicker. For example, Google Cloud Platform offers pre-trained AI and ML “blocks” that you can implement into your existing products. Using features like this provides for quicker growth of your product and makes it easier to adapt to any changes.

Cloud Advantages: Lower Costs

Moving to the cloud actually saves you money. Because you pay just for the capacity you’ve used, you cut out on software and hardware costs. You no longer need to employ so many IT specialists — it is now the cloud provider’s job to take care of maintenance, upgrades and fixing issues. Also, because cloud providers optimize their servers for several companies, their costs are lower which automatically makes your costs lower. Most providers offer additional discounts that will further benefit your budget.
Another cost that you can cut down on when moving into the cloud, is the cost of backups — you no longer need to pay for backup hardware, data storage or software, it is all taken care of. This leads to another benefit — security and disaster control.

Cloud Advantages: Security And Disaster Control

Traditionally, when a disaster happens, you need to rely on your backup resources and will inevitably face some downtime. It’s different with cloud. Because cloud providers own huge servers and databases, even if one of them fails, you are still safe. You can run your business as usual, as long as you have an internet connection.
There’s also the matter of security. Especially now, when data is more valuable than ever. If you use cloud, you are no longer bound to a certain device. Even if you lose your laptop — your data is save and sound in the cloud. That’s why many companies use cloud as their backup to make sure their users’ data is secure. What’s more — you can manage the data from anywhere and from any device. This means that you can quickly react when something happens and even wipe out the database remotely.

Cloud Advantages: Increased Productivity

When you move to the cloud, all your data will be centralized there. This means, that your teams will have access to everything, see all the updates and always get the most accurate information. There’s no longer a risk of someone spreading misinformation, all the processes can be standardized in the cloud which provides for more efficient and productive work. Also, because of the various features of the cloud and the services it provides, your teams can work faster and eliminate small, everyday inefficiencies.
As well as making your work easier and quicker, cloud also enables all your employees to work from anywhere. They will not be limited to a certain device — as long as there’s internet, they can access the cloud. For people who prefer to work remotely and for multinational companies it will make a big difference (and saving up on office space will also save you some money).

Bottom Line

Besides the benefits mentioned above, the cloud offers a great competitive advantage even to small businesses. You can utilize the newest technologies at a small price and bring better products or services to your customers. The cloud is also a great way to quickly scale up with almost no risk (you can always scale down). While cloud offers growth, it also offers agility and staying flexible at all times which is the ultimate reason why people decide to make the switch.
Are you considering moving to the cloud? If you’re not sure how cloud could improve your business, contact our team and they will help you figure it out!